The Cheapest Entry Starter Kits

Here is a list of the cheapest electronic cigarette starter kits offered by some of the top brands. All kits are basic, bare bone starter kits featuring just one rechargeable charger, one basic USB charger, and a few cartridges. The number of cartridges vary from brand to brand and let’s see which brands offer the best value for your money. Although priced extremely low, these are no gas station junk; all kits come from the top manufacturers.

The list has been derived from this list: The Cheapest Starter Kits – from The Best Brands by

1. Choice 7′s Micro One @ $14.95:

Do not confuse with Choice 7′s One Kit. The Choice 7′s Micro One features just one cartomizer, one rechargeable battery, and one USB charger. At $14.95, this is an insane deal considering the fact that most brands sell their disposable, non-rechargeable versions at around $10. Choice 7′s feature excellent, longer lasting cartomizers and look-wise they are definitely of the best.

2. Green Smoke Essentials Kit @ $29.99:

At just $29.99, the Green Smoke Essentials Kit 1 rechargeable battery, 1 USB charger and 2 flavor cartomizers. You can pull the price down even lower if you utilize this 5% coupon code applicable on any purchase below $100.

Green Smoke makes great starter kits, and is an expert in the cig-a-like department.

3. Playboy Vapor Starter Kit @$22.99:

Playboy is a new entrant in the industry and has so far expressed strong intentions of becoming one of the market leaders. At $22.99, Playboy features a rechargeable battery, 1 USB charger and 7 refill cartridges.

Please note that Playboy cartridges are not cartomizers and do not include any built in atomizer.

E Cigarettes: Problems First Timers Face

Electronic cigarette is no longer an alien gadget to the masses. Hundreds of thousands of people have warm heartedly greeted electronic cigarette as a true, viable alternative to tobacco cigarette. Many people claim that electronic cigarettes have largely changed their lives – and I am one of them too.

I have often come across people who had tried electronic cigarette once or twice, only to be disappointed as they find “it feels nothing like the real thing”. From close observations, I have noticed that most new vapers make a few rookie mistakes, which otherwise would largely improve their experience with an electronic cigarette if taken care of.

If this is you, a smoker who is going to try electronic cigarettes, my article is dedicated to you.

How an electronic cigarette works
Know what to expect

Do manage your expectations. Electronic cigarettes are battery run electronic devices. A coil fuses e-liquid, containing nicotine, and converts it into a vapor before it gets into your mouth. A cartomizer (made to look like a tobacco cigarette filter) contains the e-liquid, and the bottom part holds the atomizer, which fuses the e-liquid to turn it into vapor.

Electronic cigarette is vastly different to tobacco cigarette based on how it operates and delivers nicotine. Tobacco cigarettes burn tobacco to produce hot smoke, while an electronic cigarette, as said, fuses a liquid to produce vapor.

As a first timer, you are very impressionable, and faults you find with your first e cigarette will likely make you draw conclusions about the electronic cigarette industry as whole. This article does not look to discourage your trial. It rather looks to explain the differences and practical problems you will face. And it will also help you adjust to the issues so that you can make the best out of your first electronic cigarette.

  • Take long, smooth draws
  • Do not inhale into lungs directly
  • 1 refill cartridge is not equal to a pack of cigarette
  • Choose high nicotine level for cartridges
  • Own extra batteries, at least one
  • Have enough refills in stock
  • Buy the right starter kit

Draw smooth, Draw slow

1. Take long draws: An ideal draw should be at least 4-5 seconds. Your draw should be smooth and gentle, allowing the coil to fuse the vapor just enough. For tobacco cigarettes, draws last 1-2 seconds as the burning process is a faster chemical reaction. Do not take quick, strong blows as that might pull e liquids into your mouth.

If you adapt to this blowing technique fast, you will see a dramatically improved performance from your kit.

2. Do not inhale directly into lungs: E cigarettes are designed to deliver nicotine through pores in your mouth and nose. The lungs do not receive nicotine directly from the vapor, although it does so in case of smoke. So when you blow, make sure you fill your mouth first , keep it in the chamber for about a moment or two (like you do in case of a cigar) and then draw into your lungs if you please.

Don’t believe the equivalence claims

3. 1 cartridge is not equal to 1 pack of cigarette or more: Not specifically. You have to understand that the process through which the body takes in nicotine is different. Add to it the fact that new vapers will not be able to take in sufficient doses of nicotine while vaping. When surveyed, it has been found that more than 80% of vapers need more than 1 nicotine cartridge per day, although 90% of them used to smoke less than a pack of cigarette per day.

4. Nicotine level – high: Go for high nicotine levels when choosing strength.

Buy these extras

5. Have an extra battery: Always buy kits containing two batteries. When emptied, the batteries take 2-3 hours to charge and you will have nothing else to do during that period if you do not own an extra battery.

6. Have enough cartomizers/cartridges/eliquid: When ordered online, your refill might take a couple of days to arrive, while you have nothing to vape on. Make sure you buy enough cartomizers or plan ahead when your stock nears zero.

And Lastly, Buy the Right Starter Kit

7. Everything will go in vain if you get a faulty starter kit in hand. Smokers who try electronic cigarette for the first time might find it vastly different and not as satisfactory as a tobacco cigarette. It’s extremely important that you try a good kit capable of producing good volumes of smoke on effortless drags. The flavor is another vital issue. Use references online for further education.

For first timers, I recommend the following kits:

  v2cigs sqV2 Cigs
V2 Standard Kit
$59.95 (Use coupon: ENRECOMMENDS for 10% discount)


greensmoke sqGreen Smoke
$59.97 (Use coupon: DISC10-26000 for 10% discount)


apollo sqApollo
APOLLO Standard Kit
$69.95 (Use coupon: WINTER for 15% discount)